28 Ports 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 18x 1G SFP + 6x RJ45/SFP Combo + 4x 10G SFP+ Ports - LT28-18SFP

Lightem LT28-18SFP is gigabit Ethernet Switch with 18 x1G SFP + 6x 10/ 100 / 1000M RJ45/SFP combo + 4x10G SFP+ ports. Provided high-capacity switching capabilities, security control strategies and CPU protection policies. Improve fault tolerance, ensure stable network operation and link load balancing. This switches adopt modular design, providing improved aggregation and core data exchange, provide enough bandwidth.

  • 128G backplane bandwidth
  • 18x 1G SFP + 6x RJ45/SFP Combo + 4x 10G SFP+
  • Routing, wire-speed Layer 3 switching packet forwarding rate up to 95.232Mpps
  • Can be deployed in the metro core and provides several last 1km technologies
  • DOS, distributed denial of service, deception and virus defense
  • IEEE802.1x, provide port-based user authentication, network shield technology, security control technology and policy control list
  • Maximum number of hosts connected to the port, and bind the Ethernet interface to multiple channels to increase bandwidth and system redundancy
  • ACL, support L2-L4 layer data filtering, managed through Web, SNMP and other methods
  • Policy control list, traffic regulation
  • Support stacking of multiple devices, using a unified IP address for centralized management, saving address resources
  • XModem protocol, can upgrade software and BootRom through TFTP/ZMODEM
  • Provides redundant power supply, fast failover and fast connection, which greatly increases system reliability
  • Detect and suppress broadcast storms, support the detection of IGMP packets, and effectively limit the flooding of broadcast packets
  • Flow control in full duplex mode and half duplex mode
  • Ethernet interface rate limit in steps of 1M
  • Buffer management, support 802.1p protocol, 8 send queues per port map 8 priorities of 802.1p
Parameters Values
Number of SFP ports (1000M)
Number of SFP+ ports (10G)
Number of Combo ports (1000M)
Backplane bandwidth
Packet forwarding rate
Flash capacity
Memory capacity
64MB, maximum 512MB
Address Table
442 x 285 x 44mm
Power supply
AC 110-240V self-adaptive, 47-63Hz, 1A/230V, RPS power hot backup
Operation: 0-50°C ; Storage: -40-70°C
0-90% no condensation

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