What We Do

Network Switches

We have a wide range of Ethernet, fiber switches, multiplexers, amplifiers, POE fiber converter and switches, transmitters, etc to meet every business need.

Fiber Systems

We offer the full range of data format conversion, include video, audio or data transmission. From analog fiber system to digital system we are the answer to your business requirement.


With the use of fiber optics, CATV RF signals can be transmitted and broadcast with minimal amount of equipment, and yet with much longer distance for broader coverage.





Lightem ® Systems specialized in total solutions for fiber optic application. Our customers include telecom, multi-service operator (MSO), ISP, utility, enterprise, broadcasting companies, system integrators worldwide. With the new technology advancement, applications that relied on copper or coaxial cable is no longer satisfied. The Fiber optic media have the ability to increase bandwidth as well as having no interference issue with any kind of power or electrical network.

Our Solutions

Divided into 4 categories: Telecom / Datacom, Audio / Video and CATV RF System as well as Security System

Our Mission

Whether you are a system integrator, project contractor or fiber products distributors, we provide the full range of fiber solutions for your desired applications
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