The security and access control application requires transmission of a wide range of signal, from component video to different kind of control signaling for door opening, camera PTZ, dry contact for alarming or even TTL signal for signal processing. We offer the full range of security systems, include video, audio or data transmission.


Analog Video/Audio/Data Fiber System

Burglar alarm, access control, CCTV, fire control, Public announcement (PA) system, etc is involved to form the security system. Our fiber extender solutions simplify the overall design, lowering the cost by using a much cheaper fiber cable instead of copper cable; and most importantly improve the overall system performance


Digital Video/Audio/Data Fiber System

It operates the same as the traditional analogue device, it can be upgraded directly from the 960H CCTV system and follow the same wiring regulation with 960H, which means customers can upgraded their 960H to HD CCTV easily by just replacing the Camera & DVR. These technologies do not suffer problems such as delay, signal loss like the IP CCTV.


Telephone PABX Fiber System​

PBX represents Private Branch Exchange, which is a private phone network used within the organisation. The clients of the PBX telephone framework can communicate internally and remotely, utilizing diverse correspondence stations like Voice over IP, ISDN or simple.

Control Data Fiber System

In CCTV or access control application, varies data is required to control over the network such as camera direction, fire alarm, door opening, lock status etc.

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