Lightem CATV RF Systems is a complete fiber optics transmissions solution for broadcasting industry. CABLE TV, a widely deployed television application to residential requires the legacy coaxial cable for RF signal transmissions. With the use of fiber optics, CATV RF signals can be transmitted and broadcast with minimal amount of equipment, and yet with much longer distance for broader coverage.

CATV Transmitter 1310nm

1310nm direct modulation optical transmitter with high linearity DFB laser built-in perfect pre-distortion adjustment circuit and laser APC, ATC closed loop control circuit.

CATV Transmitter 1550nm

1550nm External Transmitter is mainly used for long distance optical feeder transmission of television image signal. Digital TV signal and data signal.



Fiber Amplifier

Lightem LA52 Inline EDFA is working in single wavelength in CATV system. Features low noise figure, large saturation output power, Lightem LA52 CATV inline EDFA can be applicable in the group center, substation and trunk circuit.


Receiver FTTX

It is a low power consumption, high index, with SNMP network management, AGC, full function FTTB optical receiver. 2000 series’ shells are structure compact aluminum wall mount (without rain-proof), RF interface horizontal output, Nixie tube displaying parameters. RF Overlay interface is optional for IP/QAM and EOC insert, also can used for local program insert.


SAT IF Transmitter & Receiver

Optical transmitter for analogue and digital TV signals, terrestrial and satellite. The equipment receives the TV signals in the terrestrial and satellite bands in IF via coaxial cable, and transmits them via single-mode optical fibre with a wavelength



The PLC is a more recent technology. PLC splitters offer a better solution for larger applications. 

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