Fiber Media Converter

10/100M Multimode & Singlemode Media Converter, Duplex SC : LM0110-D & LS0110-D

The Lightem L-MC series Media Converter are compact, cost-effective, low dissipative, industrial grade device for converting data signal between 10/100/1000 Base-Tx and 100/1000 Base-Fx fast Ethernet bridging. The 10/100/1000M Media Converter is housed in a metal case, comes with external AC (110-220V) -DC (5V) power supply. The 100Base-TX and the 100Base-FX converter feature LED diagnostics for FX-100, FX-Link/Act,TX-100,TX-Link/ Act,FDX, PWR.

  • 1x  optical port and 1x RJ45 port
  • Comply with IEEE 802.3 & 802.3u Fast Ethernet Standards
  • LED Indication: FX-100,FX-Link/Act,TX-100,TX-Link/Act,FDX,PWR
  • Provide 1x RJ45 twisted pair 10/100M or 10/100/1000M Ethernet port and 1x 100 or 1000M (1G) FX port
  • 100/1000BASE-Tx port – 10M/100M/1000M and full/half duplex auto-negotiation
  • Available wavelength 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm
  • Optional: Single Fiber (WDM Bi Directional)
  • Optional Control of LFP (Link Fault Pass), converter/switch mode flow control, FX speed (10/100/1000M)
Parameters Values
Operating Standards
IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX and 100Base-FX
UTP: RJ-45,10/100Mbp & 10/100/1000M
100M or 1000M (1G) in Duplex or Simplex SC ( Optional: FC )
UTP Cable
UTP cable : Cat. 5 (the max distance up to 100m)
Fiber Singlemode
8/125, 8.7/125, 9/125, 10/125μm (the max distance up to 100km)
Fiber Multimode
50/125, 62.5/125μm (the max distance up to 2km)
Multimode 850nm
0-2km (100M), 0-500m (1000M)
Singlemode 1310nm
0-2km, 0-20km, 0-40km
Singlemode 1550nm
0-100km (100M), 0-60km & 0-100km (1000M)
Half / Full Duplex
IEEE802.3x flow control
AC170 ~ 240V,DC5V 2A
DIP Option
Converter (9k) or Switch mode, Link Fault Pass through function, Flow control, Half / Full Duplex
Operating Temperature
0 ~ +55℃
Storage Temperature
-20 ~ 70℃
Dimension Standalone
Dimensions (19” Chassis)
19″ 2U height
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10/100/1000M Multimode & Singlemode Media Converter, Duplex SC : LM1000-D & LS1000-D