Analog audio to AES/EBU digital audio

Lightem Systems LADA series analog audio to AES/EBU digital audio converter converts 4 analog audio to 2 AES/EBU digital audio. Every two analog audio signals are converted to one AES/EBU digital audio.
Lightem Systems LADA series analog audio to AES/EBU digital audio converter has high signal precision, stability and reliability,which is ideal for radio station, CMMB, IPTV, mobile TV, mobile phone TV, telecommunication operators,government video conference system and other new media field applications.


  • Designed specially for radio station with high quality audio format conversion requirements
  • Ultra wide analog audio dynamic range
  • Automatic switching between balanced and unbalanced audio input, ESD protection for more reliable operation
  • Compatible with many AES/EBU digital audio sampling frequencies
  • LED indicators for monitoring purpose.
  • PCB boards made with multilayer design, to ensure stable and reliable signal conversion
Analog Audio Input
Number of channel 4
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz@-0.5dB
Operating mode Balanced or unbalanced
Max output level 17.4Vp-p(+18dBm)
Isolation >90dB@1kHz,>90dB@20kHz
Impedance 600Ω or big resistance
Connector XLR
AES/EBU Digital Audio Output
Channel Capacity 2
Level 5Vp-p
Sampling Frequency 48KHz
Jitter <0.005UIp-p
Rise/Fall Time <25ns
Impedance 110Ω
Connector XLR
Dimension(HxWxD) 44×433×340(mm)
Power Supply 60-260VAC,50-60Hz
Operating Temperature 0 – +50 ℃
Humidity 0 – 95% RH, non-condensing
LED Status Indicator Power, Audio Activity
Lightem Systems 4Ch Analog to 2Ch AES/EBU Digital Audio Converter (AD converter)