20 Ports Layer 2+ Data Center Switch with 12x 10G optical ports - LT20-12SFP+

Lightem 10 Gigabit Data Center Switch LT20-12SFP+ is a standard layer 2+ switch. Allocate flexible networking capabilities to ensure the stable operation of load balancing and link network. It provides 12x 10G optical ports, 8x 1G electrical ports. It located in density of the next generation of data center and cloud computing network access, can also be used for large Internet cafes, the core of enterprise network, metropolitan area network, or gathering.

  • 376G backplane bandwidth
  • 12x 10G optical ports, 8x 1G electrical ports
  • Hardware routing, wire-speed 3rd layer switching packet forwarding rate of 279.74Mpps
  • Extensible 32 biggest 10GE interface, the highest density (1U TOR), meet the demand of high-density 10G server access.
  • Provide DOS, distributed denial of service, deception and virus defense
  • Support IEEE802.1x, provide port-based user authentication, network shield, safety control, and strategy control technology
  • Restrict maximum number of connected hosts port, with multi-channel Ethernet interface binding, increasingbandwidth and system redundancy
  • Powerful ACL, support for L2-L4 layer data filtering
  • Strategy control list, flow regulation
  • Supports flexible port configuration
  • All kinds of management method through Web, SNMP and so on
  • In the PHY to enter or exit a low-power state.
  • Automatic detecting and broadcast storm restraining, support for IGMP message detection, effectively limit the spread of broadcast message.
  • Support full duplex mode and half duplex mode flow control
  • Support Ethernet interface with 1M as the rate limiting step
  • Support IP multicast and QoS

Parameters Values
Fixed Port
12x 10G optical ports, 8x 1G electrical ports
Console Part
OOB Management Port
Backplane bandwidth
376 Gbps
Packet forwarding rate
279.74 Mbps
Jumbo frames
16356 bytes
Transfer Mode
Support store-forward mode and cut-through mode
IPv4/IPv6 Route
6k / 8k
MAC Address Table
Packet Buffer
4 mb
Flash memory capacity
8 mb
Memory capacity
Physical Characteristics
440mm × 280mm × 44mm
Power supply
AC 90V ~ 290V , DC -38.4V ~ -72V
Operating temperature
0°C ~ 50°C (0m ~ 1800m)
Operating humidity
5% ~ 95%, Non-condensing

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