Digital Video/Audio/Data fiber system

Starting in 2012 CVI, TVI, AHD technologies are invented, they made breakthroughs for the limitation of traditional Analogue CCTV, get Megapixel images when the transmit distance is over 500 meters. They are Progressive-Scan HD analogue video based on coaxial cable, all the vieo chipset of each technology is placed in the security camera. They operate the same as the traditional analogue device, it can be upgraded directly from the 960H CCTV system and follow the same wiring regulation with 960H, which means customers can upgraded their 960H to HD CCTV easily by just replace the Camera&DVR. When compared with HD-SDI, CVI, TVI, AHD have a longer transmit distance without any signal loss. These technologies do not suffer problems such as delay, signal loss like the IP CCTV.