HDMI to 3G/HD/SDI Digital Video Converter

Lightem Systems LSC HDMI to 3G/HD/SDI converter converts HDMI or DVI-D HD multimedia signal to 3G-SDI / HD-SDI or SDI digital video signal. It is suitable for applications in TV station, CMMB,IPTV, mobile TV, mobile phone TV, telecommunication operators,government video conference system and other new media field.


  • HDMI or DVI-D signal auto recognition as input and output as 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI automatically
  • Compliant with the standards of HDMI1.3, DVI1.0, SMPTE424M, SMPTE292M, SMPTE259M, SMPTE297M, SMPTE305M, SMPTE310M
  • Auto adaption to the speed of 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI 143M,177M,270M,360M,540M,1483.5M,1485M,2970Mbps
  • Resolution up to 1080p@60Hz, 12-bit color
  • HD Video at TV Stations
  • Telecommunication Operators
  • Government Video Conference
  • New Media Field
HDMI or DVI-D HD Digital Video Input
Signal Standard HDMI 1.3, DVI 1.0, HDCP, CEA-861E
Channel Number          1
Data Rate Maximum up to 3Gbps
Resolution 720p, 1080i, 1080p@60Hz
Formats RGB, YCbCr, and xvYCC digital video
Clock frequency 225MHz
Connector HDMI, type A, female
3G/HD/SDI Digital Video Output
Channel Capacity 1
Signal Level 800mVp-p±10%
3G-SDI Rise/Fall time <135ps@2970Mbps
HD-SDI Rise/Fall time <270ps@1485Mbps
SDI Rise/Fall time <0.6ns@270Mbps
3G-SDI Jitter <0.3UI
HD-SDI Jitter <0.2UI(134ps)@100kHz <1.0UI(673ps)@10Hz
SDI Jitter <0.2UI(740ps)@10Hz
Impedance 75Ω
Connector BNC
Mini box
Power Supply 130 – 260VAC,50-60Hz
Power Consumption <5W
Temperature 0 to +70 Degree
Humidity 0 to 95% RH Non-condensing
LED Status Indicator Power, Video Activity
Lightem Systems SC series HDMI Digital Video to 3G/HD/SDI Converter