ASI/SDI Distributor

LASDD14 ASI/SDI Distributor is one of the portable distributor which can distribute 1 ASI/SDI signal into 4 ASI/SDI signals. The distributor embeds adaptive re-clocking and equalized circuits which effectively recover the affection of the all kinds of cable attenuation and interference. The device fully complies with DVB-ASI and SDI standards and can be widely used in all kinds of DTV system.


  • Standard ASI Input/output supported
  • Input signal poises automatically
  • Re-clocking automatically
  • Anti-static design
  • Portable and convenient
Parameter Value Parameter Value
Mpeg TS Input 1ASI input: BNC 75Ohm Mechanical Parameter Power supply: 9V 500mA
  ASI fully comply to EN 50083-9   Operating temp: -10~+45degreeC
  ASI bite rate: 270Mbps   Humidity: 10%~95%
  Return loss: >17dB   Dimension: 140 x 84 x 28mm
  Auto cable equalization:
180pbs@270MHz(200m Coaxial Cable)
  Weight: 1kg
  Auto re-clock: 130pbs@270MHz    
Mpeg TS Output 4 ASI Output: BNC 75Ohm    
  ASI comply to EN50083-9    
  ASI bite rate: 270Mbps    
  Return loss: >17dB