SFP+ Direct Attach Active Copper Cables

The SFP+ active cable assemblies are high performance, cost effective I/O solutions for 10Gb Ethernet and 10G Fiber Channel applications. SFP+ copper modules allow hardware manufactures to achieve high port density, configurability and utilization at a very low cast and reduced power budget. The high speed cable assemblies meet and exceed Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel industry standard requirements for performance and reliability.


  • Support for multi-gigabit data rates up to 10.5Gbps
  • Data rates backward compatible to 1Gbps
  • Support for 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x Fiber Channel data rates
  • Hot-pluggable SFP 20PIN footprint
  • I/O Connector designed for high speed differential signal applications
  • Improved Pluggable Form Factor(IPF) compliant for enhanced EMI/EMC performance
  • Low Power Consumption < 0.5W
  • Power Supply :+3.3V
  • Compatible to SFP+ MSA
  • Temperature Range: 0~ 70 °C
  • RoHS Compatible
  • High capacity I/O in Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storage, and Storage Servers
  • Switched fabric I/O such as ultra high bandwidth switches and routers
  • Data center cabling infrastructure
  • High density connections between networking equipment
Recommended Operating Conditions
Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit
Storage Ambient Temperature -40 85 °C
Operating Case Temperature Tc 0 70 °C
Power Supply Voltage VCC3 3.14 3.3 3.47 V
Power Dissipation  PD 0.5 W
Performance Media Operating parameters
10.5 Gpbs line speed, full duplex Bit error rate: better than 10E-12 Hot-pluggable, industry-standard Small Form-Factor / Pluggable(SFP+) copper cable, available max 10m Supply voltage: 3.3V
Power consumption(per end): max 0.5W
Pin Descriptions
Pin Logic Symbol Name/Description Notes
1 VeeT Transmitter Ground
2 LV-TTL-O TX_Fault N/A 1
3 LV-TTL-I TX_DIS Transmitter Disable
4 LV-TTL-I/O SDA Tow Wire Serial Data
5 LV-TTL-I SCL Tow Wire Serial Clock  
6 MOD_DEF0 Module present, connect to VeeT
7 LV-TTL-I RS0 N/A 1
8 LV-TTL-O LOS LOS of Signal
9 LV-TTL-I RS1 N/A 1
10 VeeR Receiver Ground
11 VeeR Receiver Ground
12 CML-O RD- Receiver Data Inverted
13 CML-O RD+ Receiver Data Non-Inverted
14 VeeR Receiver Ground
15 VccR  Receiver Supply 3.3V
16 VccT Transmitter Supply 3.3V
17 VeeT Transmitter Ground
18 CML-I TD+ Transmitter Data Non-Inverted
19 CML_I TD- Transmitter Data Inverted
20 VeeT Transmitter Ground
1. Signals not supported in SFP+ Copper pulled-down to VeeT with 30K ohms resistor
Part Number Product Description
LSFP+AC0050C SFP+ Direct Attach Active Cable(10GSFP+Cu),  5m, AWG:26,  0ºC ~ +70ºC
LSFP+AC0070C SFP+ Direct Attach Active Cable(10GSFP+Cu),  7m, AWG:24,  0ºC ~ +70ºC
LSFP+AC0100C SFP+ Direct Attach Active Cable(10GSFP+Cu), 10m, AWG:24,  0ºC ~ +70ºC
LSFP+AC0120C SFP+ Direct Attach Active Cable(10GSFP+Cu), 12m, AWG:24,  0ºC ~ +70ºC