10G OTN Muxponder with 16x SFP & 2x XFP ports

L16LOTN-D10G is high density 1U 10G OTN muxponder with two ports 10G and 16 ports low speed anyrate, it adopts the advanced technology and ASIC chip, and it is fully compliant with ITU-T standard, such as G.709, G.798, etc. L16LOTN-D10G is suitable for Metro Access and Metro Aggregation optical transport network.


Shelf Type and Dimensions(mm) (W*D*H) 440mm*435mm*44mm
Power Supply AC:Input 100∼240V,47∼63Hz;
  DC:Input -40.5V∼-72V;
Power consumption 90W
Client Interface 16 SFP based low speed ports (GE/FE, STM-1/4/16, OC-3/12/48, Anyrate low speed)
System Interface Two XFP based 10G OTU2 ports
Environment Storage temperature:-40°C∼70°C
  Relative humidity:10%∼90%,no condensing
Features Description
System Side Signal and Multiplexing Structure 10G port (WDM XFP): OCh <-> OTU2 <-> ODU2 <-> ODU0 oOr DU1 or mixed ODU0/ODU1
  10G port (grey XFP): OTU2 <-> ODU2 <-> ODU0 or ODU1 or mixed ODU0/ODU1
Client Side Signal and Mapping Mode FE/GE (via TTT+GMP) <-> ODU0
  STM-1/STM-4/OC-3/OC-12 (via GMP) <-> ODU0
  STM-16/OC-48 (via AMP or BMP) <-> ODU1
FEC on 10G Port Regular FEC (G.709)
  I.4 Super FEC (G.975.1)
  I.7 Super FEC (G.975.1)
In-band DCN Management GCC0 on OTU2
  IGCC1 or GCC2 or GCC1+2 on ODU2
  GCC1 or GCC2 or GCC1+2 on ODU1
  GCC1 or GCC2 or GCC1+2 on ODU0
Out-band DCN Management Management Ethernet port
Transmission Protection SNC/N
Network Management System SNMP based NMS
P/N Descriptions
L16LOTN-D10G 10G OTN Muxponder with 16x SFP & 2x XFP ports