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C Band Single Channel PreAmp EDFA

Lightem LCSA53 Fiber optic EDFA product series features high gain and low loss amplification in single channel C-Band (1528~1564nm). It meets the single channel C-Band boost EDFA ’s requirement. It is optimized in design of the optical path and high-quality GFF, as well as gain spectrum in the whole C-Band.

LCSA53 front LCD panel provides features include work index of all equipment include, alarm, optical loss, laser operating status.

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  • Covered full C-Band
  • High gain, low noise
  • Excellent Transient feature
  • Low noise figure
  • Excellent P/P ratio
Performace    Index    
Optical feature  Min  Typ  Max  Supplement
Working wavelength range (λ) (nm) 1528   1564 C Band
Input optical power range (Pi) (dBm) -45 -30 -20  
Signal gain (dB)   20   LCSA5320
      25   LCSA5325
      30   LCSA5330
      35   LCSA5335
      40   LCSA5340
Noise figure (dB)   4.5   Max ouput , Max. gain
Ploarization dependence loss (PDL) (dB)     0.3  
Ploarization dependence Gain (PDG) (dB)     0.3  
Ploarization mode dependence (PMD) (ps)     0.3  
Input/Output optic isolatioin (dB) 30      
Pump leakage power (dBm)     -30  
Echo loss (dB) 45     UPC
    55     APC
Optical supervisory channel wavelength range (nm) 1500 1510 1520  
Geneeral feature          
SNMP network management     RJ45    
Communication interface     RS232    
Power supply (V) 90   265 220VAC
    30   72 -48VDC
Power consumption (W)     30  
Working temp. (℃) -5   70  
Storage temp. (℃) -40   85  
Working relative humidity (%) 5   95  
Size (W)×(D)×(H) (mm)   483×205×44 
P/N Gain gain (dB) (Pin=-30dBm) Output Power (dBm) (Pin=-30dBm)
LCSA5320 20 -10
LCSA5325 25 -5
LCSA5330 30 0
LCSA5335 35 +5
LCSA5340 40 +10