C Band Single Channel Booster EDFA

Lightem LCSA51 Fiber optic EDFA product series features gain spectrum inclination, provide Gain flatness Boost in C-Band (1528~1564nm). It meets the single channel C-Band boost EDFA ’s requirement. It is optimized in design of the optical path and high-quality GFF, as well as gain spectrum in the whole C-Band.

LCSA51 front LCD panel provides features include work index of all equipment include, alarm, optical loss, laser operating status.


  • High gain, Low noise, high performance and high reliability
  • Cover Full C Band
  • Telecommunication-grade security and reliability, and network management function
  • 1+1 powers supply back up ,hot-plug function available
  • Excellent P/P ratio in area
  Unit Min Typ Max Ramark
Optical parameters          
Operating wavelength range nm 1528 1564 C Band
Input optical power dBm -10 +6  
Output optical power dBm 10 25 Refer to ordering info.
Noise figure dB 5.0 Max Output & gain
Polarization dependence loss (PDL) dB 0.3
Ploarization dependence Gain (PDG) dB 0.3
Ploarization mode dependence (PMD) ps 0.3
Input/Output optic isolatioin dB 30  
Pump Power Leakage dBm -30
Echo loss dB 45/55 UPC/APC
Optical Supervisory Channel Wavelength nm 1500 1510 1520
General features
SNMP Network Management Interface RJ45
Communication Interface RS232
Power Supply V 90 265 220V AC
30 72 -48V DC
Power Cosumption W 30
Working temperature degreeC -5   +70  
Storage temperature degreeC -40   +85  
Working relative humidity % 5   95  
Size (W)×(D)×(H) mm
P/N Max Output Power(dBm) (Pin=0dBm) Wavelength (nm)
LCSA5110 10 1528~1564 C-Band
LCSA5113 13 1528~1564 C-Band
LCSA5117 17 1528~1564 C-Band
LCSA5118 18 1528~1564 C-Band
LCSA5119 19 1528~1564 C-Band
LCSA5120 20 1528~1564 C-Band
LCSA5123 23 1528~1564 C-Band
LCSA5124 24 1528~1564 C-Band
LCSA5125 25 1528~1564 C-Band