HFC 4 ways Return Path Optical CATV Receiver

Lightem L4RPRX series HFC four ways return path receiver convert upstream optical signal to RF signal at the head-end and remote control center. Four independent receivers integrated into a 1RU 19” casing to supply service for HFC network terminal. Features low noise design, -22dBm receive sensitivity.
Option with LCD display, It can be installed in any environment including outdoor. Features SNMP function which can control the front panel to realize optimization work at the head-end and remote installment.

L4RPRX-A series: series: with LCD display
L4RPRX-B series: series: without LCD display


  • 4 low noise optical receiver, up to -22dBm receive sensitivityExtremely good return loss
  • 1200~1620nm wider wavelength
  • SNMP network management function option
  • Built-in 1+1 backup power, redundant A/B inputs (option)
  • -40~+65℃ operating temperature
  • Excellent P/P ratio
Optical feature Min Typ Max Remark
Operating wavelength (nm) 1200   1620  
Responsivity R13   0.85 0.95   1310nm
R15 (A/W) 0.85 1.0   1550nm
R16   0.85   1610nm
Optical link budget loss (dB) 17    
Receiving power


  -17   -7
  Sensivity (dBm)   -23 -22 Pr
  Overload 0 +1   Po
Number of optical receiver (pcs)   4    
Return loss (dB) 55      
Optical connector   SC / APC   Optional LC / APC
RF feature
Operating Bandwidth (MHz) 5   200  
RF Output level (dBmV) 30   60  
RF gain adjustable (dB) -18   0  
Flatness (dB) -0.75   0.75
Return loss (dB) 16      
RF test point/monitor (dB) -20.5 -20 -19.5  
Noise power ratio (dB) 37     FP, link loss > 15dB
  (dB) 41     DFB, link loss > 15dB
General feature
Power supply (V) 90 220 265  
-30 -48 -72  
Power consumption (W)     48
Work Temp. (℃) -40   +65
Relative humidity (%) 5   95
Size (W)×(D)×(H) (mm)   483x305x44    
L4RPRX-cdeeff-x FTTH HFC 4 ways return path optical receiver
-c LCD display A: with LCD display | B: without LCD display
-d Network management: N: without | M: with
-ee Optical connector: CA: SC/APC | FA: FC/APC | LA: LC/APC
-ff Power supply 22: 220V AC | 11: 110V AC | 48: 48V DC
X M- with SNMP Network Management
N- without SNMP Network Management