4k HDMI Long Haul Fiber Converter

4k HDMI Digital Video signal has become more popular than ever. Nowadays even mobile phones equip with 4k video recording. LHDMI4KL provide fiber extension of up to 10km over one core of singlemode fiber optic. Realising 4k HDTV (without HDCP) up to 10km distance, running free of RF interference. It is increasingly popular in the application of video and audio transmission system. In view of the extreme of electrical performances, however, the traditional copper wire cable imposes limits on signal transmission distance and signal quality. In reality, optical fiber is of low dispersion, which in turn has the strength of longer signal transmission distance and better signal transmission quality in comparison to the traditional copper wire cable. APAC HDMI extender uses single fiber without any copper wire inside, where radio frequency interference phenomenon is literally ruled out, which shows the advantage of high performance and good signal quality as well as low cost.


  • Extend digital HDTV (without HDCP) over up to 10km distance
  • Comply with HDMI standard for support 3D and 4K2K
  • Factory default EDID
  • No RF Interference by optical fiber
  • Class 1 laser product complies with EN 60825-1
  • Remote monitor for traffic, industrial, military control
  • LCD, Projector, Plasma display connection
  • 4k Large video wall system
  • Theater
Parameter Value Remark
Max distance 10km HDMI 1.4
Max resolution 4096×2160  
Max. Video bandwidth 3.4Gbps per channel  
HDCP compliant No  
CEC compliant YES  
Optical Connector Single SC  
Recommended Fiber 9/125um Singlemode Fiber  
Optical wavelength 1310nm 0~70? 1290-1330nm
Optical Link budget 10dB min  
Operating voltage 5VDC  
Electrical power consumption Tx: 3W 5V/600mA
  Rx: 3W 5V/600mA
Operating temp -10~+50?  
Storage temp -20~+75?  
Dimension 141x73x30 LxWxH (mm)
Weight 255g