L2B series FTTB CATV Receiver

L2B series, is a low power consumption, high index, with SNMP network management, AGC, full function FTTB optical receiver. 2000 series’ shells are structure compact aluminum wall mount ( without rain-proof ), RF interface horizontal output, Nixie tube displaying parameters. RF Overlay interface is optional for IP/QAM and EOC insert, also can used for local program insert.

1. RF output port number: L2B1CRxx110, one output port 110dBμV.
L2B1CRxx106, two ports 106dBμV output.
L2B4CRxx102, four ports 102dB μ V output.
2. PD operation bandwidth:
L2BxCR41xxx, 47~1050MHz.
L2BxCR81xxx, 88~1050MHz , RF Overlay:5~65MHz.
3. L2BxCRxxxxx -N with SNMP, can using for remote management and control.
4. L2BxCRxxxxx -R with RF input port, can using for IP/QAM or EOC insert.
5. L2BxCRxxxxx -C with CWDM, can using for FTTx PON ‘ s single fiber multi wave application


  • Work bandwidth: 47~1050MHz or 88-1050MHz.
  • Excellent AGC feature: Pin: – 7.0dBm~+2dBm , Δ Vo : ≤± 0.5dB.
  • Low noise ( 3.8% modulation, -8dBm receive, CNR ≥ 46dB ).
  • High level output 110 dBμV.
  • Output level ( Vo ) and slope(EQ) can continuation adjust(By 1dB step).
  • No. of RF output: 1way , 2ways, 4ways can be optional.
  • RF Overlay interface can be optional for IP/QAM or EOC input.
  • L2BxCR81xxx, applies to 5~65MHz low frequency EOC inter-cut.
  • Optional SNMP network management.
  • Nixie tube displaying all kinds of technical parameters of the overall unit and IP address ( revisability).
  • Adapts MMIC Amplifier, low power consumption less than 6W
Optical specifications   Remark
Operating wavelength nm 1260~1620 without CWDM option
    1540~1560 -F & -C Options
Input wavelength nm 1310, 1490/1550
Pass wavelength nm 1310, 1490
Channel isolation dB >40
Responsivity A/W >0.85 1310nm
    >0.9 1550nm
Optical AGC control range dBm +2~-9 £GVo<¡Ó1.0dB
Receiving power dBm +2~-10 Analog TV
    +2~-16 Digital TV
Optical return loss dB >50  
Optical fiber connector   LC/APC SC/APC or FC/APC
RF specifications
Work bandwidth MHz 47-1050 L2BaCR41
    88~1050 L2BaCR81
RF overlay 5~65MHz
Flatness dB <¡Ó1.0  
Number of RF output   1 L2B1CRxx110
    2 L2B2CRxx106
    4 L2B4CRxx102
Output level dBµV 110 L2B1CRxx110
    106 L2B2CRxx106
    102 L2B4CRxx102
Return loss @ 47-862MHz dB >16 L1BxCR48xxx
(47~862MHz )
  dB >12 L1BxCR41xxx
(47~1050MHz )
ALC feature dB <±1 Pin: -9.0~ +2.0dBm
EQ ADJ dB 0~15  
Output level adjust dB -15~0 1dB stepping
RF overlay bandwidth MHz 47~1050 L2BxCR41xxx
    5~65 L2BxCR81xxx
RF overlay input level dBµV 80 -R option
Output impedance Ω 75  
RF port   F-Female  
Analog TV specifications
Test channel Ch PAL D/59Ch 47-550MHz Analog
    Digital QAM 550-1100 MHz
OMI % 3.8  
CNR1 dB 53.5 Pin= -2dBm
CNR2 dB 47.8 Pin= -7dBm
CTB dB <-63 Pin= -2dBm
CSO dB <-67 Pin= -2dBm
HUM dB <-60    
Digital TV specifications
Test channel Ch <10 Analog
    Digital QAM 470-1100 MHz
MER dB 37 Pin= -10.0~+2.0dBm
    33 Pin= -16.0dBm
BER dB <1.0E-9 Pin= -20.0~+2.0dBm
General specifications
SNMP connector   RJ45 SNMP
Operating voltage V 8 External power supply
Operating current A 0.75
Power consumption W <15  
Working temperature -40 ~ +60  
Storage temperature -40 ~ +65  
Relative Humidity % 5-59  
Dimension mm 163x125x32 WxDxH
Part number RF power (dBuV) RF bandwidth (MHz) Number of RF outputs SNMP Network Management
L2B1CR41110-cdd 110 47~1050 1
L2B1CR81110-cdd 110 88~1050 1
L2B2CR41106-cdd 106 47~1050 2
L2B2CR81106-cdd 106 88~1050 2
L2B4CR41102-cdd 102 47~1050 4
L2B4CR81102-cdd 102 88~1050 4
c: C   1310/1490 & 1550nm
CWDM filter
  F   1550nm filter
dd: SA   SC/APC
e R   RF Overlay
  N   SNMP
X: M-     with SNMP Network Management
  N-     without SNMP Network Management