LB Multi Channel CATV Receiver

LB series multi channel CATV receiver, features 47~862MHz bandwidth, output level from Vo=88dBμV(4Ch Pin=-2dBm)to Vo=103dBuV (2Ch Pin=-2dBm), suitable for FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, FTTC, as RFTV broadcast network’s RX unit. With the special low noise matching circuit Under 3.8% modulation, very low optical power is needed to achieve 45dB CNR. When transmitting in full channels and with receiving power of -10dBm, the CNR can still reach high index of 45dB.

The product built-in RF inter-stage gain adjustment. All receiving optical power in the range of +3dBm to -12dBm has good linearity. According to different receiving optical power, the user can choose high CNR and suitable output level.

The following options are available for different applications.
-F: built-in channel filter, RFTV operating in1550nm wavelength.
-C: built-in CWDM, RFTV operating in 1550nm wavelength, and reach GEPON ONU through 1310/1490nm wavelength.


  • Miniature design with multiple outputs.
  • Extra-low noise (3.8% modulate, -10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45dB)
  • Receiver Optical power in the range of +3dBm to -12dBm with excellent linearity
  • RF 47~862MHz with good flatness (FL≤±1.0dB)
  • Built-in inter-stage gain adjustment, high CNR and suitable output level can be achieved according to different receiving optical power.
  • Zinc. die-casting metal housing
  • Low power consumption, high cost performance
Optical specifications   Remark
Operating wavelength nm 1210~1600 LB4CR4888
1260~1600 LB4CR48100 & LB2CR48103
    1540~1560 -F & -C Options
Input wavelength nm 1310, 1490/1550 LB4CR4888-F & -C
Pass wavelength nm 1310, 1490 LB4CR4888-F & -C,
Channel isolation dB >40 -F & -C options
Responsivity A/W >0.85 1310nm
    >0.9 1550nm
Receiving power dBm +3~-12  
Optical return loss dB >55  
Optical fiber connector   SC/APC LC/APC for -C option
RF specifications
Work bandwidth MHz 47-862  
Flatness dB <±1.0  
Output level dBuV 88.0 Pin: -2dBm, LB4CR4888
    100 Pin: -2dBm, LB4CR48100
    103.5 Pin: -2dBm, LB2CR48103
Output level adjustment dB 0~18 MGC
Return loss @ 47-862MHz dB 14 47~862MHz
Output impedance Ω 75  
Output port number   2 LB2CR48103
    4 LB4CR4888 & LB4CR48100
RF tie-in   F-Female  
Test channel Ch PAL D/59Ch NTSC /80Ch
OM1 % 3.8  
CNR1 dB 56.6 Pin= -2dBm
CNR2 dB 48.5 Pin= -8dBm
CTB dB <-63 Vo<88dBµV-LB4CR4888
CSO dB <-63
HUM dB <-60    
General specifications
Power supply V DC +12V LB4CR4888
    DC +24V LB4CR4100 & L2CR48103
Power consumption W <3 +12VC, 190mA for LB4CR4888
    <10 +24VC, 400mA for
LB4CR48100 & L2CR48103
Working temperature -20 ~ +50  
Storage temperature -40 ~ +85  
Humidity % 5-59  
Dimension mm 118×73×29 LB4CR4888
    133×65×58.5 LB4CR48100 & L2CR48103
Part number RF Output power (dBuV) Number of RF outputs SNMP Network Management
LB2CR4803-cdd 103 2
LB4CR4888-cdd 88 4
LB4CR4800-cdd 100 4
c: C 1310/1490 & 1550nm
CWDM filter
  F 1550nm filter
X: M-   with SNMP Network Management
  N-   without SNMP Network Management