CATV Transmitter 1550nm Full C Band tunable

LCT5EM all C band tunable CATV external modulation optical transmitter, is an industry-leading and pioneer product. The tunable range of wavelength: 1528.77~1563.86nm, the adjustable wavelength: >35nm. With the traditional ITU standard wavelength ±0.8nm(±100GHz) can tunable, is a completely new concept and application ranges.
Up to 89 ITU standard wavelength channels (within C band 0.4nm ITU Grid) can be selected for operations. User can configure, switch and route etc wavelength management function quickly, accurately. High wavelength accuracy, high wavelength stability, fast tuning rate, perfectly adapt the NGB (Next Generation Broadcasting) DWDM system. It’s high wavelength flexibility and replaceability will become the development direction of next generation broadcast television network ( NGB ) external modulation optical transmitter.


  • Full C-Band tunable >35nm
  • 0.4nm interval, 89 ITU channels, database storage
  • ITU grid, Frequency & Wavelength tunable ways
  • Fast tuning speed (Less than 20mS)
  • High wavelength (frequency) lock precision(±0.02nm)
  • High wavelength(frequency) stability (±0.012nm)
  • Excellent side mode suppression, high extinction ratio
  • Low noise, narrow linewidth (Typ.=0.3MHz)
  • Frequency bandwidth up to 1050MHz
  • Excellent system CNR,CTB,CSO index
  • SBS threshold 13 ~ 19dBm continuously adjustable
  • Optional SNMP
  • 1+1 redundant power supplies backup.
  • Excellent cost performance
Optical specifications
Parameter Unit Min Typ Max Ramark
Tuning range nm 35      
Wavelength tuning range nm 191.7   196.1  
No. of ITU grid locking   89     50GHz spacing
Channel spacing nm   0.4   50GHz spacing
Locked wavelength Accuracy nm -0.02   +0.02 +/- 2.5GHz
Wavelength stability nm -0.012   +0.012 +/- 1.5GHz
Tuning speed ms   20    
Output power of each port dBm 5.5     LCT8826
6.5     LCT8827
7.5     LCT8828
8.5     LCT8829
Power ripple dB -0.25 +/-0.15 +0.25 Over tuning range
Line width MHz   0.35 1 FWHM (-3dB)
Side mode suppression ratio dB 45 50   SMSR
Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) dB     -160 RIN (20-1000MHz)
Return loss dB 50      
Connector   FC/APC, SC/APC, LC/APC  
RF specifications
Work bandwidth MHz 47   862  
Input level dBmV 18   28 AGC
Flatness dB -0.75   +0.75  
Return loss dB 16      
Input impedance Omega   75    
RF connector   F-female  
SBS restrain dBm 13   19 Adjustable
Transmit channel   PAL-D/60Ch
CNR1 dB >54   >52.5 back to back
CNR2 dB >52.5   >50.5 65km optical fiber, 0dBm receive
CTB dB <-65      
CSO dB <-65      
General specifications
10/100M Ethernet interface     RJ45    
Network protocol     SNMP    
Communication interface     RS232    
Power supply VAC 90   265 50/60Hz
  VDC -72 -48 36  
Power consumption W     50  
Operating temperature -5   +65  
Storage temperature -40   +85  
Operating relative humidity % 5   95  
size (WxDxH) mm 483x386x44  
LCT5EM a-b-cc-dd-X
a- output power / b- Optical port location / cc- connector type / dd- Power supply
a 6- 5.5dBm
7- 6.5dBm
8- 7.5dBm
9- 8.5dBm
b F- front panel
B- back panel
d 22- 220V AC
11- 110V AC
48- -48V DC
42- -48V DC & 220V AC
X M- with SNMP Network Management
N- without SNMP Network Management