CATV Transmitter 1550nm Direct Modulated

LCT5DM is a 1550nm direct modulation optical transmitter with high index and AGC function. With high linearity and low chirp DFB laser, built-in pre-distortion compensation and AGC, APC, ATC closed loop control, which improves the system index obviously. LCT5DM direct modulated optical transmitter can be used in FTTx (≦10Km) of second-grade service area (Sub-HE), also can be used in WDM narrow-band multiplexing and IP/QAM. LTC5DMAC optical transmitter: CATV wavelength. LTC5DMAU optical transmitter: ITU standard wavelength


  • Low chirp, high linearity DFB laser, chirp compensation.
  • Dual module RF driver, high efficient laser pre-distortion adjustment.
  • Full-automatic OMI control, AGC & MGC.
  • Intuitionistic modulation status display.
  • Built-in dual back-up power supply, switch automatically.
  • Casing temperature auto-control, ensure the reliability of the laser.
Optical specifications  Remark
Wavelength nm 1548~1563 LCT5DMxx-C:
CATV wavelength
1530~1563 LCT5DMxx-I:
ITU standard wavelength
Linewidth MHz <1 FWHM(-3dB line width)
Side mode suppression ratio dB >45 SMSR
Extinction ratio dB >20 XP
Equivalent noise intensity dB/Hz <-160 RIN (20~1000MHz)
Output power dBm 6 3, 10 Options
Return loss dB >55  
optical fiber connector   FC/APC Optional SC/APC
RF specifications
Work bandwidth MHz 45-862  
Input level dBmV 20±2 MGC
Flatness dB <±0.75 45~862MHz
Return loss dB >16  
Input impedance omega 75 RF/INPUT
RF test dB 0±1  
Transmit channel   PAL-D/60CH NTSC/80CH
CNR dB >50 -1dBm receive
CTB dB <-63  
CSO dB <-57  
SBS restrain dBm >17  
General specifications
Network management interface   RJ45, RS232 Support I.E. & SNMP
Power supply V 90~265 AC -48VDC optional
Power Consumption W <50 Single power works
Working temperature -5~65 Machine temp. control automatically
Storage temperature -40~85  
Operating relative humidity % 5~95  
Dimension mm 483×254×44 ( mm )    
Part number Output power (dBm) RF Bandwidth (MHz)
LCT5DM03-bccdeffgg-x >3 47~862
LCT5DM06-bccdeffgg-x >6 47~862
LCT5DM10-bccdeffgg-x >10 47~862
b C CATV wavelength
  I ITU wavelength
cc: 05 5km distance
  10 10km distance
  15 15km distance
d: N SNMP option
  0 no SNMP
e 1 1 fiber output port
  2 2 fiber output ports
  4 4 fiber output ports
  8 8 fiber output ports
gg 22 220V AC
  11 110V AC
  48 -48V DC
  42 -48V DC & 220V AC
X: M- with SNMP Network Management
  N- without SNMP Network Management