Dry contact fiber converter

Dry contact (or open and close signal) refers to a contact of a relay which does not make or break a current. Usually there are relays or devices which are responsible of starting or stopping the current. It is widely used in alarm system or security application. Dry contact fiber converter is used for lengthen such signal over long distance.


  • direct dry contact interface – 2 wires – open / close status – plug and play
Dry Contact fiber converter
LB1DCTzzz-p 1Ch dry contact
LB4DCTzzz-p 4Ch dry contact
LB8DCTzzz-p 8Ch dry contact
M01, S20 Multimode-1km, Singlemode 1310-20km
-S-T, -S-R, -R-T, -R-R S-Standlone, R-Rackmount, T-Transmitter, R-Receiver