1Ch RS232 422 485 fiber modem

Lightem LFM series is a RS232 Fiber Modem that convert the RS232 / 422/ 485 serial signal over Fiber Optics interface. It can be used to connect RTU to HOST or SCADA controller. Optical fiber is used as medium to lengthen the transmissions distance.


  • Support RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 interface
  • Asynchronous, point to point, rate up to 500Kbps
  • Support 9V-40V power input, consumption 2W
  • 1500W surge protection, 15KV static protection
  • RS-485/422 port support 32 node ( can tailor up to 128 Node upon request)
  • Working wavelength: 850nm(multimode) \ 1310nm(singlemode)
  • Auto test signal rate, zero delay auto transmit.
Interface:  support EIA RS-232, 485, 422 standard
Rate:  0-500Kbps
Transmit distance:  RS232 port 15m, 
RS485/422 port 1500m
Multimode 2km
Singlemode 20km
Working environment:  -25℃ to 70℃
Physical Specifications
Interface type:  8 bit terminal block
Multimode: ST/SC/FC, 
Singlemode: FC/SC/ST
L*W*H:   94mm*70mm*26mm
Weight: 230g 

LFMRS244 –ABC RS-232/422/RS485 Optical Fiber Modem

A M: Multimode S: Singlemode
B D: Duplex S: Simplex
C T:  ST  S: SC F: FC