RS485/Video/Audio signal Lightening Protector

RS485/Video/Audio Lightning Protection Device has IEC standard design. It’s thread three filter circuit design pressure protection, low residual voltage, special production process, appearance generous novel.
Ease of installation. Main Fine lines in the video signal-Surge / flow overvoltage protection, a road or road transport interface, fully meet user needs. Monitoring works is the preferred product.

  • Security monitoring equipment, remote control and transmission
  • figures public broadcasting system
  • Intelligent Community water, electricity, gas Table
  • instrumentation applications and RS-485 control of the industrial field bus


  • multi-level protection, can protect load current 10A signal circuit;
  • low capacity, excellent transmission performance
  • use standard connection, small volume, light in weight;
  • protect a pair signal circuit;
  • multi-functional protection
  • It is in series with the I/O port;
  • Protector line (IN) connected with signal channel; the equipment end (OUT) connected with protected input connector;
  • The grounding for lightening port and the machine room are joined in junk ring;
  • All the connections should be connected with reliable electric;
  • The grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω;
  • Ground wire ≥2.5m㎡
Complete machine features
Un rated working voltage 12V.24V.48V
Uc maximum sustained voltage 15V.30V.52V
Up level of protection <90V
In nominal discharge current (8 / 20) 10KA
Maximum discharge Imax (8 / 20) 20KA
Insertion loss AE <0.3db
Connector Industry connector
Protect corewire 2 core
Shell material metal
Shell protection levels IP20
Protection Level Fine-level protection
Diemensions 70*25*25mm
Connecting wire 1.5~2.5 square meter
Ground Resistance Ω / diameter ≤ 4 Ω / 2.5 ㎡
Standard GBl8802.1, lEC61643-1
Environmental requirements
temperature –40 ℃ to 70 ℃
Relative Humidity indoor temperature conditions 30% ~ 90%
LRSLP           RS485 signal Lightening Protector

LVSLP           Vedio signal Lightening Protector

LASLP           Audio signal Lightening Protector