64Ch Video/Audio/Data

Lightem LBV series Single core fiber Video/Audio/Data multimeter provides a convenient way to extend the Video link by coaxial to fiber media conversion. With choices of 1, 2, 4 and 128 channels, Lightem media converter is able to transmit 8 video channels via a single fiber (singlemode or multimode). Optional Data (RS232 or RS422 or RS485) and Audio is useful for system which involves voice as well as control for camera (Pan / Tilt / Zoom control) or keyboard for control. Industry standard Data protocol ensure the compatibility between various suppliers such as Bosch, Pelco etc


  • 8 /10 digit coding and non compressed video transmission
  • Based on proven Gigabit Ethernet Transmission
  • 5Hz – 10MHz video channel
  • Support PAL, NTSC, SECAM
  • Optional Audio and Data transmission, single or bi directional transmission
  • LED indicators for transmission status
  • Stand alone or 19” Rack Mount version
  • Internal Power supply
  • Easy installation and adjustment free
  • Plug and play
Parameter value Parameter value
Wavelength Distance Tx power Rx sensitivity
Multimode 850/1310nm 0-5km -8~-10dBm -36dBm (1-2ch), -26dBm (4-8ch)
Singlemode 1310nm 0-20km -6~-9dBm
Singlemode 1550nm 0-60km -5~0dBm
Signal format PAL / NTSC / SECAM Digital Quantization 8 or 10bits
Interface BNC 75 Ohm Signal 1V p-p typ, 1.5V max
Bandwidth 8MHz max SNR 65dB
Differential Gain/Phrase 1% 1degree Color/light delay time difference 10ns
Color/Light gain difference +/-10% Connector BNC
Interface: Terminal Block 600 Ohm SNR 85dB
Signal level 2V p-p Power output 0.5W
Bandwidth 20Hz – 20kHz Bits per sample 24Bits
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.1% Connector Industrial pressure connector/RJ45/RCA optional
Unidirectional RS485, Dry Contact (open close circuit) Bi-directional RS485, 422, 232
Interface terminal block 90~265VAC -48VDC optional(30~60VDC)
Power Consume W <50 Single power supply
General data
Work Temp. 0~+75℃ Operation Relative Humidity 0~90%
Non-condensing Store
-20~+65℃ Store Relative Humidity 0~95% non condensing
Dimension LB1V / LB2V series LB4V series LB8V series
  209mm x 175mm x 29mm subjetct to configuration  
Power supply 5VDC, 1.0A
64 Channels Video 
LB64V-p 64 Video (Down)
LB64Vzzz-1DU-p 64 Video (Down) + 1 Data (Up)
M01, S20 Multimode-1km, Singlemode 1310-20km
-S-T, -S-R, -R-T, -R-R S-Standlone, R-Rackmount, T-Transmitter, R-Receiver