10/100M Base-TX to 100Base-FX PoE(PSE) Media Converter

10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX media converter, which allows two types of network segment to be connected easily. Complied with IEEE802.3at or IEEE802.3af standard, the AC/DC powered PoE media converter is a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) which combines data transfered over a fiber optic link with 48V (or other voltage) power supply, providing power to IEEE802.3at or IEEE802.3af powered device (PD) over CAT5/CAT5e UTP cable (cable length up to 100meters / 330feets). The converter includes a single port PSE controller, which offers PD signature sensing and power monitoring features.


  • 10/100Base-TX UTP to 100Base-FX fiber media convertion
  • IEEE802.3at / IEEE802.3af PoE PSE compatible
  • External AC/DC power supply
  • Over-current protection
  • Choice of SC, BiDi or other connectors for multimode and singlemode
Data Rates:
Network Ports 10/100 Mbps (802.3 10Base-T/802.3u 100Base-T) 
100Mbps (100Base-FX)
Input Power Requirements:
Input voltage 100 VAC to 240 VAC
Input frequency  47 Hz to 63 Hz
Power over Ethernet Output (Pin Assignment and Polarity):
For IEEE802.3af standard:  4/5 (V+),7/8 (V-) (default) or 1/2(V+),3/6(V-) (optional)
For IEEE802.3at standard (30Watts maximum): 4/5 (V+),7/8 (V-) (default) or 1/2(V+),3/6(V-) (optional)
For IEEE802.3at standard (50Watts maximum): 1/2/4/5 (V+),3/6/7/8 (V-) (default)
Output Power  please refer to ordering information
Efficiency  75% min
Short circuit protection auto recovery
Over current protection auto recovery
Environmental Conditions:
Operating temperature 0 ℃to 50℃
Cooling  free air convection
Storage temperature -20℃ to +85℃
Operating Humidity  90% max, non-condensing
Mechanical Specifications:
Case Material  Iron
Case Color  Silver
Net Weight  550g approx. / unit
Dimensions  71(W) x 26(H) x 94(L) (mm)
Power port 48V DC phone jet
LAN  Shielded RJ-45
Fiber see ordering information
PN: LS0110-aaa-b-c
Duplex Fiber, SC Connector
D02  10/100Mb/s Multimode 1310nm, 2km, Duplex SC 
D20 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1310nm, 20km, Duplex SC 
D40 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1310nm, 40km, Duplex SC 
D60 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1310nm, 60km, Duplex SC 
D80 10/100Mb/s Singlemode DFB 1550nm, 80km, Duplex SC 
Single Fiber, SC Connector  
S2035 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1310/1550nm, 20km, Simplex SC 
S2053 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1550/1310nm, 20km, Simplex SC 
S4035 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1310/1550nm, 40km, Simplex SC 
S4053 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1550/1310nm, 40km, Simplex SC 
S6035 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1310/1550nm DFB, 60km, Simplex SC 
S6053 10/100Mb/s Singlemode 1550/1310nm DFB, 60km, Simplex SC 
S               Standalone External Power Supply
R             Rackmount CardRackmount Card
1  IEEE 802.3 af/ Output Voltage 48V / Output Current 0.35A Max / Output Power 15.4W Max
2  IEEE 802.3 at/ Output Voltage 48V / Output Current 0.54A Max / Output Power 25W Max
3 IEEE 802.3 af/ Output Voltage 52V / Output Current 0.60A Max / Output Power 30W Max
4  IEEE 802.3 at/ Output Voltage 52V / Output Current 1.00A Max / Output Power 50W Max