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10G X2

  • XAUI Electrical Interface: 4lanse@3.125Gbit/s
  • Below 4W power dissipation
  • SC-Duplex Optical Receptacle
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interface (DDMI)
  • Very low EMI and excellent ESD protection
  • Cooled 1550nm EML laser and APD ROSA
  • Up to 80KM for single mode fiber
  • Operating temperature range 0°C to 70°C

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P/N Fiber Type Wavelength Source Type Output Power Sensitivity Distance
LX2-8503CG-V1 MM 850nm VCSEL -6 ~ -1dBm < -9.9dBm 300m
LX2-1310CG-LM SM 1310nm DFB -2 ~ 0dBm < -14.4dBm 10km
LX2-1540CG-SM SM 1550nm DFB -1 ~ +4dBm < -16.0dBm 40km
LX2-154CCG-XX-CWDM SM CWDM DFB 0 ~ +5dBm < -16.5dBm 40km
LX2-158CCG-XX-CWDM SM CWDM DFB 0 ~ +5dBm < -24dBm 80km
LX2-154DCG-XX-DWDM SM DWDM 100G DFB 0 ~ +5dBm < -16.5dBm 40km
LX2-158DCG-XX-DWDM SM DWDM 100G DFB 0 ~ +5dBm < -24dBm 80km